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Easy Ways to Save Money at Target


Saving Money at Target: The Easy Way

If you live in the United States, then you will certainly have heard of the retail giant Target. If you like to shop, then chances are you have found yourself inside a Target before, and if you liked you experience there, then you definitely have been back since.

Now, as all devoted Target shoppers will know, it is very difficult to walk into one of their stores and walk out again with only the item you came in for. This is because Target is home to an overwhelming amount of things that when you see them make you go, “Oh, I want that!”.

Usually you will stumble across at least one thing that you will inevitably convince yourself to purchase, and this trend can be very hard on your wallet.

Unfortunately, we have found no way to fight the sorcery that makes you buy way too many things at Target, but we have come up with a close second, which will save you money when you do so.


Method #1: Download the Cartwheel app

The Cartwheel app is a great way to check deals on the go in Target. Every category of item in the store has deals and discounts, and you can sort through them (or search for them) within the app itself. Once you have found a deal you want, a barcode will appear on your screen and the cashier can scan it at checkout and apply it to your purchase!

Best of all, you can stack Cartwheel discounts on top of the other savings methods we will go into below!

-> The app is available for ios and Android devices. You can download it HERE!

-> You can also use cartwheel from your computer HERE!


Method #2: Good Old Fashioned Coupons

Coupons are still a great way to save money, and if you know you have a lot of shopping to do, it may not be a bad idea to see if there are any deals you could pick up along the way!

Remember, the cents add up!

-> Check out a great coupon resource HERE! 


Method #3: Target RedCard

If you have shopped at Target before, chances are that a cashier has asked you, “Would you like to save 5% by signing up for a Target Red Card?”.

Many people hear this phrase so much (every time they check out) that it has just become part of the routine and a bit of an annoyance. BUT it is actually one of the best deals you can get when it comes to saving money!

-> Click Here for a Target Red Card

Here is what it can do:

1. You save 5% on any purchase when you use it at Target!

2. You get free shipping when you order online!

4. You get an extra 30 days to return what you purchase!

If you don’t want to sign up for a credit card, they offer a debit option that will just pull from your bank account each time you make a purchase. We feel this is the safer option to go with (you know – excessive spending and all).


The best advice we can give to really maximize your savings at Target is to combine everything we mentioned above!

Find something on sale on Cartwheel, see if you can find coupons for it, then buy it with your RedCard! All the coupons and discounts stack on top of each other, and can make a world of difference when you start racking up the bill.