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DXRacer F Series Gaming Chair Review 2017


What is DXRacer & the F Series?

Updated January 29, 2017

DXRacer have become synonymous with quality in both the eSport and recreational gaming scene. Their chairs are used by professional gamers, YouTubers, and enthusiasts alike who spend a great deal of time sitting in front of the screen and recognize the importance of comfort and luxury during long sessions. In this review, we will be going over the DXRacer F (formula) Series, one of the most popular in the DXRacer line. With over 40 models and 12 colors to choose from, the F Series offers options to fit the needs of every type of gamer, and then some.

What Does DXRacer Have to Offer?

As a whole, DXRacer offers gaming chairs that are miles ahead of common office chairs from places like Walmart or Home Depot. They are ergonomic, stylish, offer multiple padding/covering options, and most importantly, are made specifically for gaming. The most notable feature these chairs bring to the table is their high back rest, which is designed to support the entire spine and provide maximum comfort while sitting for long periods of time. In addition to this, they include three cushion material options (fabric/mesh, PVC, and polyurethane), adjustable backrest (up to 135 degrees), lumbar and headrest cushion, and adjustable armrests.

Pros and Cons of the DXRacer F Series


  • Multiple Models to Choose From
  • Lumbar Support & Back Support
  • Cover Material Options
  • Color Choices


  • Price
  • Ideal for Select Body Types

Pros Explained

Models, Aesthetic & Cover Materials

The various models in the F Series line offer different aesthetic and cover material choices, and the lumbar cushion and back support (included with all models) helps prevent the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time. In terms of the aesthetic, the color options available will make the chair pop, and are very pleasing on the eye. The design itself is reminiscent of what would be found in NASCAR and Formula 1 cars, and offers the same level of stability and comfort.

The cover materials offered provide heightened aesthetic, and also serve the functional purpose of decreasing heat/sweat. The materials are breathable, and are noticeably less sweat-inducing than the leather materials found in standard office chairs.

Quality of Build Material

The F Series chairs are supported by high quality 5-point bases that come in black or silver aluminum or black nylon. Regardless of style choice, each base comes with footrests attached to each leg, which is great for gamers who like to rest their feet on the legs instead of the floor. The casters (wheels) are made of polyurethane and will not leave marks on the floor as you roll.

In terms of weight, these chairs are heavier than most others on the market (unfortunately for delivery people), which is really a testament to their quality. Each model supports the deep-reclining feature, and comes with a headrest and adjustable lumbar support for maximum comfort.

Cons Explained

The main con with the F Series is the select body type that it supports. Due to the highly ergonomic design, these chairs are really only comfortable for gamers under 220lbs and 5’9 or under. This means that if users have broad shoulders or are taller than the recommended height, they may feel cramped and a little bit too tall for the headrest. Fortunately, DXRacer offer chairs suited for other body types as well, which can be found here.

Price was included as a con because some people are shocked when they see how much chairs in the F Series cost. However, given the high quality build, propensity for comfort, customization options, and functionality, we believe it is one of the best on the market for the price range.

DXRacer F Series By Model


Upholstery: Strong Mesh and PU cover
Base: Narrow Black Aluminum
Color: Color: Black, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Grey, Black/Indigo, Black/Orange, Black/Pink, Black/Brown, Black/Red

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Upholstery: PU
Base: Narrow Black Aluminium
Color: Pink, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Orange, Black/Pink, Black/Red, Black/White

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Upholstery: Carbon Look Vinyl (PVC) and PU
Base: Silver Aluminium
Color: Black/Orange, Black/Red, Black/White

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Upholstery: Fabric
Base: Black Nylon
Color: Black, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Red, Black/Grey, Red/Black

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Upholstery: PU
Base: Black Nylon
Color: Black, Black/Red, Black/White

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