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Berkey Water Filter Review 2017



About The Berkey

Updated January 28, 2017

In this EpicGifts review, we will be discussing arguably the best water filter on the market, the Berkey. Over the past few years, Berkey has been making a name for itself as one of the highest quality and most cost efficient water filters on the market. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this setup uses carbon and fluoride filters to remove harmful toxins, chemicals, and bacteria from your drinking water, and is perfect for emergency situations or for general use in your home. The high quality filtration capabilities, ease of setup, and high capacity tank makes the Berkey an extremely attractive option for those interested in an effective home water filter system.

What Does Berkey Filter?

The Berkey stands out amongst other filters in that it actively removes the following from your everyday drinking water.


Purported to prevent tooth decay, Fluoride is being consumed by approximately 64% of the United States population every day via tap water, despite being highly toxic.


Chlorine is a highly toxic substance that has been used to disinfect swimming pools and is put into drinking water to wash out bacteria. However, no attempts are made to remove the chlorine from the water, meaning millions of people consume it each day.


Bacteria is most commonly found in outdoor water (rain, streams, lakes etc) and can cause sickness for days or even weeks if not properly filtered out.


Recently, news stations have been reporting that pharmaceuticals (including hormones, antibiotics, and mood stabilizers) have been found in the water supplies of an alarming number of cities in the US.

Metal and Debris

Plumbing can be difficult to maintain, especially in older cities or towns where budgets are spent elsewhere. Because of this, old pipes (both outside and inside your house) can become corroded and minuscule pieces of metal can find their way into your water cup.

Who is the Berkey Good for?

The Berkey is perfect for those who like to be prepared for the worst. In the event of an infrastructure meltdown, where utilities are shut off or resources become contaminated, this filter will be the most effective way to acquire safe water.

It is also perfect for the more health conscious among us, who do not like the idea of drinking all of the filtered items listed above.

Pros & Cons of the Berkey


  • Removes harmful pollutants in water that other filters do not
  • Can produce 6,000 gallons of purified water before filter change
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Comes in various sizes to fit individual needs
  • Filters can be cleaned (carbon filters need replacing after 4 years)
  • Minimal cost given the products lifetime value


  • Plastic faucet may leak at the connection point between the tank and nozzle

Berkey Model Comparison Chart

For this comparison, we multiplied the flow rate of each system by the total holding capacity to come up with a rough estimate of the number of people each system could support (with the maximum number of filters) under normal conditions. Keep in mind that each system produces the same quality water, but larger systems produce more and smaller Berkeys are more portable.

SystemCapacity (in Gal)Flow Rate (Gal per hour)Max # of FiltersMax People at Max Filters
Travel Berkey1.52.726
Berkey Light2.43.7529
Big Berkey2.257415

How to Get Started with a Berkey Water Filter

  • Head over to a Berkey vendor
  • Select a model to fit your needs
  • Add a stand (otherwise the nozzle will be hard to get to)
  • Select Fluoride filters if you need them
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