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20 Great Gifts for Gamers


The gaming scene has been booming over the past couple of years, with the introduction of eSports and the explosive popularity of YouTube and Twitch gaming channels funneling new members into the community each day. To help you come up with a great gift idea for the gamer you are buying for, we have compiled a list of items that caters to old school SNES players, casual enthusiasts, and hardcore fans alike.

1. Pocket SNES Console

If the gamer you are buying for loves old school games and systems, this is the perfect gift for them. It is essentially a portable Super Nintendo, meaning playing your favorite old games does not confine you to a room for hours on end. Features very crisp buttons, beautiful screen, and snappy response times, which makes it an absolutely enjoyable gaming experience.

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2. Old School Gameboy Fridge Magnet

These refrigerator magnets are not only fun, but functional too! The screen is 16 inches by 12 inches, and is dry erase friendly. A great gift for someone who loves Nintendo and has been a fan since the 90s when the first Gameboy was released.

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3. Astro A40 Gaming Headset

If the gamer you are buying for is into competitive play or simply loves immersion, they need a good headset. Astro has been a staple of quality in the gaming headset scene for years, and this headset in particular is compatible with Xbox, Playstation, and PC. They are noise canceling, and the precision mic allows for crisp voice communications with no background noise.

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4. Gaming Lap Desk

The Lap Desk is great for PC players who like to play on their laptop (whether on the go or at home). It fits up to a 17 inch laptop, has air flow channels to prevent overheating, and has spots for a mouse on both the right and left sides. It is simple, functional, and a #1 Best Seller.

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5. Console & Controller Decals
Prices Vary

Customize your Xbox or Playstation consoles/controllers with a variety of high quality decals. Multiple designs are available and cater to both male and female gamers (consoles and controllers not included of course).

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6. Elgato HD60 Capture Card

The Elgato HD60 is the most used capture card among popular video game streamers and enthusiasts alike. Capture your gameplay in 1080p, stream it to the world, or save your videos for later viewing. The Elgato comes packed with features such as built in live commentary and one-click sharing to all major social media platforms, making it an undeniable #1 Best Seller.

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7. Stat Boosting Mug

A great gift for the gamers who love coffee or tea! This 11 oz dishwasher and microwave safe mug will show exactly how much of a stats boost their drink of choice is giving them.

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8. ChargeHub

Gamers have gadgets, and gadgets need to be charged! This USB ChargeHub allows users to charge up to 7 devices at the same time from one power source, so they can keep everything powered on and connected!

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9. Razer BlackWidow Keyboard

This keyboard was created for hardcore PC players and was built around the manufacturers award-winning mechanical switch system. It features customizable backlights with over 16.8 million color options, headphone and microphone ports, and fully programmable keys for a truly unique gaming experience.

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10. Vault-Tec Bobblehead

Coming directly out of the universe of one of the most successful RPGs of all time, these iconic bobbleheads make great desk/collectors items. Each one represents a trait available in the game, making them an excellent personalized gift for any Fallout fan!

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11. Gaming Desk

This all-in-one gaming station fits a 27 inch monitor and comes loaded with all the features a gamer would need. Includes cup holder, storage slots, headphone hanger, speaker trays and more! Perfect if the gamer you are buying for needs a little upgrade!

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12. Razer Firefly Mousepad

Created with a hard micro-texture finish, this mousepad gives PC gamers an excellent balance between precision and movement. Much like the keyboard, it features 16.8 million color options, a consistent surface for immaculate smooth motion, and is used by professional eSports players worldwide.

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13. Surface Never Fallout Poster

This Fallout poster (we enjoy Fallout here) is made out of high quality poster paper and comes in a variety of sizes with poster strips included. Perfect for hanging in a gaming room to remind the gamer you are buying for about the truly important things in life.

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14. Light Up Minecraft Ore

This great 3 inch light up ore is a perfect gift for any Minecraft fan who needs just a little bit more illumination in their life. Its size makes it great for a desk or bedside table, and its tap on/off feature (also has varying levels of brightness) eliminates the hassle of fumbling for a switch every time.

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15. LED Monitor Backlights

Yes, more LED lights! These flexible lighting strips are perfect for backlighting a monitor, wrapping around a desk, or lining a wall. They also reduce the eye strain caused by gaming in a dark environment and are waterproof as an added bonus.

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16. Samsung Curved Monitor

Samsung has been a staple of quality products (excluding their exploding phone) for years in both the mobile phone and monitor/TV markets. This particular monitor shines when it comes to colors (blacks are truly blacks), and the curved design changes up the gaming experience from standard flat screens. Its stand is adjustable so it can be rotated to the players preferred height and tilt, and input delay is virtually non-existent, making this an excellent option for the price.

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17. BassPulse LED Speakers

These are great speakers for gamers who like to play to a soundtrack and a bit of a light show. The LEDs pulse with the bass, and the speakers enhance the sound of PCs and Macs nicely (also connects to devices via aux cable). It will push out full-spectrum audio with 40 watts of peak power, making it an excellent choice for movies or gaming.

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18. Mario Playing Cards

Perfect for gamers who like digital and traditional gaming! Full 52 card deck with Mario characters on every card to spice up poker or any other card game.

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19. Custom Shadow Edition Xbox One Controllers

The Shadow Edition Xbox One controllers come in a variety of hues (ranging from gold, to pink, to blue) and look absolutely fantastic. Perfect for a gamer who plays Xbox or uses a controller for Windows 10/tablet play and enjoys a bit of customization.

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20. Samsung Gear VR Headset

With the explosion of Virtual Reality in the past year, the Samsung Gear VR offers an excellent experience without breaking the bank. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 – S7 and is used simply by snapping the phone into place in the goggles. Allows users to become fully immersed in the virtual reality worlds of compatible games, videos, and even images with full 360 degree visibility.

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DXRacer Gaming Chair (F Series)
Prices Vary on Model

Whether you are buying for an irregular gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, posture and comfort are a top priority. The chair they use can have an effect on their performance in-game and, more seriously, on their long term back health. DXRacer are a staple of quality in the gaming community, and their chairs are used by everyone from professional gamers, to YouTubers, to people who just like to play in their spare time. Check out our review of the DXRacer F Series here!