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20 Gifts for Drummers


1. Alesis Nitro Electronic Drum Set



If you live with someone who loves to practice the drums, you will know that there is virtually no way to keep the noise down. Enter the electronic drum set! Perfect for beginners or pros who like to practice, this kit mimics the sound of a real drum set down to cymbal chokes (hit the cymbal then grab it with your hand to stop the noise). It is also a #1 Best Seller.

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2. Drumstick Pencil



Drum even when you’re not drumming! These drumstick pencils are great for anyone who has to go to class or meetings, but still wants to practice their favorite rhythms off the drum set!

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3. Cymbal Mousepad



This is a great gift for anyone who loves the sound of Zildjian cymbals! This is a fully functioning mousepad that also makes a great surface to actually practice drumming on!

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4. Weapons of Mass Percussion Tee



The Weapons of Mass Percussion Tee makes a fantastic gift idea for a drummer with a sense of humor. Made of high quality cotton, it is machine washable and will hardly shrink when dried!

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5. Stick Control


Heralded by some as “The Bible of Drumming”, stick control was written in the early 90’s and contains over 100 beginner and advanced rhythms. It is an absolute must have for anyone who is passionate about the drums!

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6. iPad Drummer Decal


For a drummer who likes to use their iPad for reading music or just general use!

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7. Drum Multi Tool


Drums take more of a beating than any other instrument in a bands arsenal. This multi tool will give a drummer everything they need to tighten and tweak almost any problem on virtually any model of drum!

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8. DrumDial Drum Tuner


The DrumDial Drum Tuner enables drummers to tune timpani, snare drums, rack toms, and bass drums without even hitting the drumhead. Since tuning drums can be incredibly difficult for a beginner, this is the perfect gift to make things easier!

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9. Vintage Drum Posters


This set of unframed posters depict a vintage snare drum, pedal, cymbals, and drumstick as illustrations overlaid on a lightly distressed chalkboard image. They make a great addition to any drummers wall who likes a vintage look.

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10. Vic Firth Classic Drumsticks


Lacquer coated handles give these drumsticks great grip, and classic 5A makes them light and easy to play with, especially for fast drummers.

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11. Cymbal Vault


Cymbals are expensive, and there are many horror stories of drummers losing thousands of dollars due to cracking, dents, or other trauma to their cymbals while being transported. The Cymbal Vault will hold up to 8 22′ diameter cymbals without having them touch or putting pressure on the sound edge. Case is durable and alleviates the fear of transportation damage!

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12. Drummer Alarm Clock


A great novelty gift for any drummer. Make waking up easier (or worse) with the sound of drums!

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13. Glowing Drumsticks



These are great for showy drummers who have a flare for visuals! They light up upon impact and are available in Green, Orange, Purple, Blue, or Red.

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14. Drumstick Cooking Spoons


Great gift for a drummer who also enjoys cooking (or maybe needs that little push to start)! Made of solid beechwood and shaped like drumsticks for perfect pots and pans percussion.

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15. Timber Drum


The Timber Drum is made of solid American hardwood and completed with a hand rubbed oil finish. It can produce six notes and there is no way to hit it wrong, so it is perfect for beginner musicians as well as the more advanced.

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16. Drumstick Holder


This #1 Best Selling drumstick holder attaches to most stands easily with a mounting clamp and angles down at 45 degrees for easy insertion or removal of sticks while playing.

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17. 2-Sided Practice Pad



With over 150 five star reviews, it is no wonder that this practice pad is a #1 Best Seller! It features a gum rubber side that provides a realistic stick rebound, and a neoprene side that is perfect for endurance playing! Comes in either 12″ or 8″ and fits in nicely with other equipment for practicing on the go.

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18. Zildjian Cutting Board



Made out of 100% bamboo, this cutting board will make the kitchen feel like home to any drummer!

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19. Personalized Drumsticks


Laser engrave a message (or two) on a set of drumsticks! Can be any message you choose, including band name, personal text, special dates etc.

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20. Drum Post-Its and Pencil Sticks



Two pencil erasers shaped like drumsticks and a set of 250 post-it notes that form a drum. This funny gift will keep a desk drummer entertained all day!

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