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15 Pokemon Gift Ideas for True Fans


Once again, Pokemon is taking the world by storm. Bringing in new fans and revitalizing nostalgia in old ones, it is a genre that is near and dear to the hearts of many. We at EpicGifts are no different, so we decided to pull together a list of awesome Pokemon gifts that will ignite the excitement in whatever fan receives them (young or old!). *Update: After the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon a few months ago, we decided to revisit this list and add additional unique Pokemon gifts that we think fans will really love. We do plan on building out a second list in the future, but for now be sure to check out the bonus content down at the bottom of this page!

1. Snorlax Plush Pillow


No Pokemon is better to nap with than the one that spends 98% of its time sleeping! This Snorlax plush pillow measures about 10″ and is the perfect cuddle buddy!

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2. Pokemon Gen 1 Monopoly


Bring the classic game of Monopoly into the Kanto region! Pieces include all three of the original starter Pokemon as well as Pikachu, Eevee, and Jigglypuff.

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3. Pikachu Mug


Calling all Pikachu fans! Bring your favorite Pokemon with you whenever you go to get a drink. Great for the office or at home (made out of ceramic so electric shocks will be avoided)

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4. Sun and Moon Steelbook


For the diehard fans of the Pokemon video games! Contains Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS and comes encased in a collectable steel case.

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5. Charizard Laptop Sticker


Possibly one of the most iconic Pokemon ever, Charizard will now go wherever your computer goes (fits nicely on other laptops, not just Mac). Just don’t make it angry.

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6. Pokemon Go Coaster


Great gift for anyone who is an avid Pokemon Go fan. Represent your team proudly (available for Instinct, Mystic, and Valor).

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7. Pokemon Cookie Cutter Set


A great gift for anyone who loves baking almost as much as they love Pokemon! Made out of 3D printed plastic, these cookie cutters are dishwasher safe and feature the four fan favorites from the original series, which is perfect for someone who has been a fan since the beginning.

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8. Pokeball Power Charger


Everyone who plays Pokemon Go knows that trying to catch ’em all becomes really difficult when their phone dies. Luckily this Pokeball charger carries enough juice to let trainers charge an iPhone 6 approximately 2 times before it runs out of power.

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9. Oddish Planter


A wild Oddish appeared! Oh…never-mind, it’s just our plant.

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10. Pokemon 3D Night Light


This 3D night light is perfect for a desk or in a bedroom. Can change into a variety of colors and is available in all the starters from the original series plus Eevee. Will most likely keep those pesky Ghost type Pokemon out of your room at night.

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11. Pokemon Trainer Bike Mount


Every Pokemon fan knows that a true trainer must bicycle around tirelessly in their quest to catch every single Pokemon. This makes a great gift for Pokemon Go players as it will enable them to see Pokemon, gyms, and Pokestops in their area as they bike.

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12. Pokeball Death Star Tee



This is the perfect gift for those who have a love for what some might say are two of the best things in life; Star Wars and Pokemon. In an incredibly creative combination, the shirt depicts a Pokeball in the form of the iconic Death Star floating in the abyss of space.

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13. Masterball Earrings


Made of glass and zinc alloy, these earrings depict the legendary Masterball and, while they unfortunately do not improve your catch rate, are an essential piece for a trainers outfit.

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14. Xbox One Vinyl Decal


Perfect for Pokemon fans who also enjoy console gaming. These vinyl stickers are made specifically for Xbox One consoles (PS4 also available via link) and feature the final evolutions of the three original starters plus Snorlax, Lapras, and others.

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15. Large Pokemon Multi-Frame Poster


This amazing poster is made up of 8 separate prints that come together to make one large picture. Measures about 46 x 33 inches all together and makes a great addition to a Pokefans bedroom or office area.

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More Cool Pokemon Gifts Coming Soon!

If the list above did not give you any inspiration, don’t worry! We will be adding bonus Pokemon presents to this list very soon and, in addition, will be creating an entirely new list of awesome ideas for 2018. Stayed tuned to the site for updated content and even more awesome Pokemon gift ideas!